Claims Portal

Claims Portal


This declaration portal will be discontinued as of September 1st. A new procedure has been implemented for submitting declarations, which will start soon. In this new process, declaration requests are registered in advance before actual submission. Those who will declare using this new method will receive an email with a link to the new portal where they can log in. During the transition period, individuals who still need to submit their declarations using the old method can continue to log in after this announcement.

For those who will declare using the new method, below are the links to the new portal:

For those logging in with their own email and password:
For those logging in with a RuG account:

If you’ve recently had contact regarding a new, yet-to-be-submitted declaration but it hasn’t been recorded as an assignment and you haven’t received an email about it, please contact your supervisor to ensure that a declaration request is properly registered.

— The Development Team

This portal is for everybody with or without UG P-number who does NOT receive an UG salary. This applies to:

  • Guest lecturers
  • Advisors
  • PhD’s

UG-staff that do receive a UG –salary may claim expenses here


  • An agreement of assignment is added as supporting document (except PhD’s)
  • Only actually incurred costs are eligible for reimbursement. All invoices, receipts, etc that reasonably can be required will be attached to the expenses claim
  • A cost center or project number will be needed to submit an expenses claim. Please ask your UG client or your supervisor.
I am completing a form for myself and I have a "P-number"
I am completing a claim for myself and I don't have a "P-number" (Externals). This also applies if you declare for an external

Enter your P-number and password to log in:

Username (P-number (format pxxxxxx))
Password (Please note: capslock)


Direct link for third parties:

If you are unable to submit an expenses claim using the first bullet, please try the second bullet.